weight & food, Sat. 14 Feb. 2015

dinner on Sat. 14 Feb. 2015

before breakfast: 52.20kg

ツーロング & プチパン by 木のひげ
breakfast on Sat. 14 Feb. 2015
breakfast: my daily companions with apple jam & puff grain cereals, petit pain & a whole wheat cookie with marmalade
☞ today’s fruits: apple, Dékopon & Tankan mandarine, kiwi, strawberry

swimming: 70 minutes

before lunch: 51.85kg

lunch on Sat. 14 Feb. 2015
lunch on Sat. 14 Feb. 2015
lunch: leftover misok & milk stew,
boiled snap peas, steamed radish with tuna & dried young sardines,
rice added 10 kinds of grains and toasted Bancha tea

I’ve wanted red wine and cheese since today’s lunch. I felt tired, powerless, took a nap after coming back home then took a few piece of rice crackers coated chocolate and cranberry ginger tea.

before dinner: 52.10kg

dinner on Sat. 14 Feb. 2015
dinner on Sat. 14 Feb. 2015
dinner: cheese plater(mozzarella, caciocavallo & chèvre),
beaf steak,
whole sheet bread with nuts & dry fruits,
salad with Mizuna, Daikon, dried young sardines & tuna flakes, walnuts,
red wine then buckwheat tea

before going to bed: 52.80kg

sun light sunny but windy day in Tokyo