my lotion マイ化粧水

ゆず化粧水 LifeStying by edochiana

lotion by Yuzu seeds, rosemary & sake
I’m getting unsatisfied with skin care products which I’ve used for a long time.
The brand shows consumers ingredients more precisely than general labeling but I want to use more natural products.

Where can I find?

I’m still under the way to look for, one day a simple idea has come.

I can try to make it myself!

  1. Put Yuzu seeds up to 1/3 of a bottle
  2. Pour 旬味 Shummi (sake for cooking made with rice by natural cultivation) under the bottle neck
  3. Add a small branch of organic rosemary
  4. Wait for about 1 week. The liquid gets thick.

Looking forward to using it.

ゆず化粧水 LifeStying by edochiana
旬味 純米原酒 720m sake for the lotion



  1. ゆずの種を瓶の1/3まで入れる。
  2. 自然米で作られた料理酒「旬味」を瓶の首まで注ぐ。
  3. のらのフレッシュローズマリーを一枝
  4. とろみが出てくるまで1週間くらい待つ。