Japanese ingredients and dishes

I like mediterranean cuisine, I’d taken more often italian or french style than Japanese one with lighter ingredients.
But, of course, sashimi, tofu and sake are my favorite.

The first day to weight myself which gave me this opportunity to watch my health was on 25 Nov. 2014.
Checking my weight, I started considering more carefully what I eat.

What shall I eat today?

The ideas come from mostly Japanese authentic home cooking made with Dashi. Dashi is easy to prepare and it has no fat content but is full of Umami. Even if a dish with Dashi contains no oil, it’s tasty. This is the reason why I think of Japan-based construction(?) for each lunch and dinner.

And I want Kon’nyaku and Shirataki. These years I see Shirataki in restaurants and cafes in Europe where we can enjoy healthy dishes. It’s used in an original western style, as noodles. I added this idea to my recipe.

On my blog, I use original words as I’m not happy to call our food “devil’s tongue”…

Here are some tips for Japanese food.
Enjoy food and Japanese twists!