Japanese food

Try your original arrangement with them!

  • Dashi: Japanese soup stock made from smoked/dried fish and kelp
  • Kon’nyaku(Konjak): jelly‐like food made from the starch of devil’s tongue
  • Shirataki: vermicelli made of Kon’nyaku
  • (Yaki) Nori: (toasted) laver(seaweed).
  • Shiso: Japanese basil
  • Mirin: sweet sake used for seasoning
  • Ponzu: sauce made of soy sauce, Mirin, sake, citrus juice, smoked bonito and dried kelp
  • Fu: dry baked wheat gluten (breadlike food), full of protein, rich minerals

Tofu family

  • Aburaagé: deep-fried bean card
  • Atsuagé/Namaagé: deep-fried bean curd cake
  • Gammodoki: deep-fried crushed tofu (sometimes added yum paste) cake containing bits of various kinds of vegetables
  • Hirousu: deep-fried crushed tofu (with sakura shrimps in my home town) cake
  • Okara: soybean fiber left after making tofu
  • Yuba: tofu skin

Japanese sweets

  • Gyuhi: type of soft Japanese confectionery made with rice flour (somewhat similar to Turkish delight)
  • Mamékan: cubes of agar gelatin, boiled red peas, brown syrup

my daily companions for breakfast:
café au lait, fruit salad & unsweetened yogurt topped something(muesli, cereals and/or jam)