weight & food, Mon. 9 Feb. 2015


before breakfast: 53.35kg

breakfast Mon. 9 Feb. 2015
breakfast: my daily companions with apple jam & puff grain cereals, bread with dry fruits & nuts
☞ today’s fruits: apple, banana, kiwi, Aiaikan mandarine, strawberries

after 65 minutes’ swimming: 53.00kg

Today’s swimming was not powerful. A good day and another is not so. Feeling while swimming is helpful to listen to the voice of my body.

before lunch: 52.85kg

lunch Mon. 9 Feb. 2015
lunch: boiled and dried baby sardines, pickled Chinese cabbage, Nori, rice added 10 kinds of grains,
bell pepper, boiled carrot & broccoli with yogurt tomato sauce, toasted Bancha tea

before dinner: 52.80kg

dinner Mon. 9 Feb. 2015
dinner: grilled yellowtail, Nikujaga(braised beef, potato, Aburaagé, Kon’nyaku, onion & kelp,
boiled spinach by soy sauce & Dashi,
miso soup with Enoki mushroom,
pickled Daikon by kaki,
red wine then green tea

before going to bed: 53.70kg

cloudy a cold cloudy day in Tokyo