weight & food, lunch @ Kinohigé 木のひげ on Sat. 9 May 2015

木のひげのカレー curry by Kinohigé

before breakfast: 50.75kg

breakfast with tarallo
breakfast on Sat. 9 May 2015
breakfast: my daily companions with Anko(Azuki bean jam & puff rice, tarallo

木のひげのカレー curry by Kinohigé
lunch on Sat. 9 May 2015
lunch @ Kinohigé 木のひげ: curry with spring cabbage & potato, tomato curry with check chickpea & eggplant, bread, fruit compote, veggie juice

木のひげ Kinohigé's pies
dessert ofter lunch on San. 9 May 2015
dessert: date & Azuki bean no-sugar pie, Amanatsu(a sweet variety of Watson pomelo) pie, coffee

swimming: 45 minutes, water walking: 10 minutes

dinner on Sat. 9 May 2015
dinner on Sat. 9 May 2015
dinner: chicken cooked with Amanatsu, radish and burdock,
grilled mushrooms with thyme,
Kinohigé’s bread,
red wine,
caciocavallo from Hokkaido,
then green tea

before going to bed: 51.40kg

sun light fine day in Tokyo