Kinohigé 木のひげ

木のひげ Kinohigé

food for me from my dear bakery “Kinohigé 木のひげ”

Their bread is made with natural raisin yeast and domestic flour. The sweets are not used sugar.
They have a company shop and the web shop. We can get their products in natural food stores in Japan, as well.

木のひげ Kinohigé
delivered sweets from Kinohigé 木のひげ
It’s just been delivered, I open the box.

They are the bread and sweets, which I’ve got a natural food store nearby until quite recently but this time I placed an order, the bakery packed and directly sent their products to me.

They look fresher and more delicious. Is it just an impression or…?

Getting food directly from a producer makes me happier and gives me a tender comfort.

☞ bakery Kinohigé 木のひげ official site

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木のひげ Kinohigé
delivered bread from Kinohigé 木のひげ