weight & food, Wed. 26 Aug. 2015

dinner LifeStying by edochiana

before breakfast: 49.45kg

breakfast LifeStying by edochiana
breakfast on Wed. 26 Aug. 2015
breakfast: my daily companions


lunch LifeStying by edochiana
lunch on Wed. 26 Aug. 2015

swimming LifeStying by edochiana swimming: 45 minutes, water walking: 10 minutes

before dinner: 59.55kg

Sashimi platter(sea bass & sardines) with grated ginger & green salad,
boiled green soy beans, sliced onion & diced tomato by sage salt & olive oil,
miso soup with Enomi mushroom & tofu,
sake, infusion of parched barley
then peanuts & green tea

dinner LifeStying by edochiana
dinner on Wed. 26 Aug. 2015

before going to bed: 50.35kg

rainy LifeStying by edochianacloudy LifeStying by edochiana

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