food & trim, Tue. 6 Oct. 2015

morning light LifeStying by edochiana

before breakfast: 50.40kg

Seasons move around. Sun light arrives on the bar in the kitchen.

breakfast: my daily companions, うさぎやのどらやき

breakfast LifeStying by edochiana
breakfast on Tue. 6 Oct. 2015


lunch LifeStying by edochiana
lunch on Tue. 6 Oct. 2015

dinner: steamed chestnuts 蒸し栗,
sautée de porc, previously simmered in yogurt, garlic & sage, & Maitaké mushroom
ヨーグルト、にんにく、セージに漬けておいたポークソテー 舞茸と,
salad with white kidney beans, rice bran pickled radish & cucumber, boiled carrot, sliced onion topped a swirl of olive oil
白いんげん豆、ぬか漬けのカブときゅうり、ゆでたにんじん、オニオンスライスのサラダ オリーヴオイルをかけただけ,
red wine

dinner LifeStying by edochiana
dinner on Tue. 6 Oct. 2015

before going to bed: 50.95kg

sun light LifeStying by edochiana