lunch on Sun. 17 Jul. 2016 @ 津軽あかつきの会

津軽あかつきの会 LifeStying by edochiana




It just takes half an hour from Chūō-Hirosaki to Ishikawa by Ōmani line or 10 minutes from Hirosaki to Ishikawa by Ōu-honsen.
The scenery through the window starts telling something very connected to the lunch offered very soon.
The train arrives at a small wooden station.

How rich their daily food!
Now all I can do is coming Ishikawa to enjoy the various, flavorful, local, seasonal blessings cooked by ladies of Tsugaru Akatsuiki-no-Kai(association Dawn in Tsugaru).

ニシンの飯寿司 津軽あかつきの会 LifeStying by edochiana
ニシンの飯寿司, ミズの根(コブ)のたたき, 茄子の赤シソ巻き
大根のしょうゆ漬け, きゅうりの麹漬け 津軽あかつきの会 LifeStying by edochiana
大根のしょうゆ漬け, きゅうりの麹漬け

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