time and effort to prepare | ふじ芳 Fujiyoshi

なすの塩漬け LifeStying by edochiana

It’s pickled with only salt, it’s yummy, isn’t it? I prefer eggplants pickled in salt to in rice bran.

The chef tells me with his tender smile.

When I was an apprentice cook, there were a lot of preparation. Salt was not clean, we had to get rid of impurities. Using egg white…

It often annoys me taking a long time or no convenient places to find or get food which I want.

His words show me getting food is not so easy through the ages.

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塩で漬けただけなんですけどね、おいしいでしょ? なすは塩漬けの方がおいしいと思うんですよ。