natural yeast bread by Kinohigé 木のひげ (Treebeard)

木のひげ Kinohigé's bread & cookies

木のひげ Kinohigé's bread & cookies
Kinohigé’s bread & cookies 木のひげ
木のひげ Kinohige's tea bread
Kinohigé’s tea bread 木のひげ
木のひげ Kinohigé's pains de campagne
Kinohigé’s pains de campagne 木のひげ
木のひげ Kinohige's no sugar cookies with dates
no sugar cookies with dates by Kinohigé 木のひげ
The more I chew, the more there is coming the flavor and the taste.

I cannot get anywhere bread and cookies like Kinohigé’s around me now.

While swimming I think of Kinohigé’s taste.

The bread and cookies are made with Japanese wheat flour and raisin yeast.

Local products must give us a full play in a kitchen closer to their original field.

And I appreciate my family who gave me basic sense of taste to enjoy exquisiteness.

Here is another type of Kinohigé’s cookies.