weight & food, Sun. 21 Dec. 2014


before breakfast: 57.00kg

breakfast Sun. 21 Dec. 2014
breakfast: my daily companions with muesli + spice chiffon cake
☞ today’s fruits: apple, kaki, banana, mandarine mikan, strawberry

swimming: 75 minutes
after swimming: 56.65kg

lunch Sun. 21 Dec. 2014
lunch: Udon noodle bowl with mushrooms cream soup

dinner Sun. 21 Dec. 2014
dinner: sashimi (flatfish & yellowtail) accompanied with avocado + broccoli sprouts, tofu topped Shiso with Ponzu sauce, Miso soup with Syungiku, pickled red radish and white wine

before going to bed: 57.95kg

The result to have got sweets and wine for 2 days appears on the scale.

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