swimmingI’m not interested in sports. I don’t want to take trouble to load exercise stress on my body.

What shall I do?


My mother forced me to go to swimming lessons every week day through summer holiday when I was an elementary school student. I couldn’t swim. I still clearly remember the feeling when I floated for the first time. Then I got used to go to the lessons, I came to like swimming. But I had no special passion to brush up my skill.

One hot summer day when I was 16 years old, a teacher of the elementary school called me. I started coaching swimming for kids as I was. I mostly supported kids who were scared of water, leaded them to start floating and swimming. Though, of course, I’m a little better at swimming than general people, my skill is not like professional or passionated masters swimmers. I just like to be in water.

Swimming is my only way to exercise spontaneously.
Thank you, Mom for your having forced me to go swimming!

It was really tiring when I got back in a swimming pool last autumn after a long absence. I took rest standing more than swimming at that time. But I like the feeling in water, I know well my body will get used to swimming soon as far as I keep on being in water, so I had no idea to give up coming in water once a week at least.

Once a week… twice a week… every other day… 5 times a week…

November 2014 almost everyday I’m in a swimming pool.
Because I feel good!