weight & food, Fri. 19 Dec. 2014


breakfast Fri. 19 Dec. 2014
before breakfast: 58.25kg

breakfast: café au lait, yogurt topped cereals, fruit salad (apple, kaki, mandarine mikan, strawberry) and crème caramel japonais

swimming: 80 minutes

after swimming: 57.60kg

lunch Fri. 19 Dec. 2014
lunch: boiled broccoli & carrot with yogurt mayonnaise sauce + Japanese chili pepper, Okara croquette, green tea.

dinner Fri. 19 Dec. 2014
dinner: tofu & avocado salad with broccoli sprouts, mushroom & kon’nyaku soup with Nori, grilled yellowtail

before going to bed: 58.35kg

I guess the weight will be less than these day’s standard tomorrow morning.

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