food & trim, Tue. 29 Dec. 2015

lunch LifeStying by edochiana

before breakfast: 50.90kg

breakfast: my daily companions

breakfast LifeStying by edochiana
breakfast on Tue. 29 Dec. 2015

home baked cacao bread & café au lait
home baked cacao bread LifeStying by edochiana
bread for breakfast on Tue. 29 Dec. 2015

残り物のチリコンカン, さつまいものグリル, 木のひげのパン
leftover Chilli con carne, grilled sweet potato, whole wheat bread

lunch LifeStying by edochiana
lunch on Tue. 29 Dec. 2015

early supper @ a wine bar in Tokyo
charcuterie, salad with Syungiku & tuna, spaghetti all’arrabbiata, trippa con fagioli, 2 galasses of red wine

It was an unhappy meal at an unfamiliar place without anything in common.
Remamber this when I try to step into a place especially when I’m tired.


The last piece of familiar cake saves me.

dessert LifeStying by edochiana
dessert on Tue. 29 Dec. 2015

before going to bed: 51.40kg

cloudy LifeStying by edochiana