food & trim, Wed. 30 Dec. 2015

lunch LifeStying by edochiana

before breakfast: 50.90kg

breakfast LifeStying by edochiana
breakfast on Wed. 30 Dec. 2015
breakfast: my daily companions

にんじんの葉入り卵焼き omelette with carrot leaf,
えのきとカブの葉のみそ汁 misosoup with Enoki mushroom & radish leaf,
千枚漬け pickled radish with kelp,
焼き海苔 Nori, 玄米 unmilled rice

lunch LifeStying by edochiana
lunch on Wed. 30 Dec. 2015

swimming LifeStying by edochiana swimming: 45 minutes, stretching: 5 minutes

dinner LifeStying by edochiana
dinner on Wed. 30 Dec. 2015
grilled carrot, burdock & sweet potato dressed miso & rosemary
beaf steak with thyme
ランプステーキ タイムと,
grilled red pepper & Maitaké mushroom
red wine,
then mildew cheese “Yuki(snow)”
pea nuts 落花生

before going to bed: 51.65kg

sun light LifeStying by edochiana fine day in Tokyo