weight zigzagging 1

Lifestyling by edochiana

The way to watch weights is by a line chart. The line is falling to the right shoulder when my care smoothly goes ahead.
Watching this line is the key to have fun.

updated on Wed. 31 Dec. 2014

Generally, the weight is falling in the morning: before breakfast and then
rising after dinner: before going to bed.
I add red and sky blue points which show weights after or without swimming as I’m curious about the difference between with and without swimming. It’s clearly telling the weight before lunch, regardless of swimming, is the minimum of the day. The difference in a day is about 1kg. It’s fun to watch I’m living!

Weights between night of the first day and morning of 1st Nov. are not shown because I have no accurate data for this period though I was keeping on watching weights and meals.

Try to make your line chart!

weight & food, Fri. 26 Dec. 2014


breakfast Fri. 26 Dec. 2014
before breakfast: 56.65kg

For 4 days the weight is on a plateau.

breakfast: my daily companions with muesli + a slice of spice chiffon cake

after 80 minutes swimming: 56.00kg

lunch Fri. 26 Dec. 2014
lunch: hot pot soup with chicken tenderloin, daikon, twisted Kon’nyaku, enoki mushroom, water dropwort(Japanese parsley) + Ponzu ☜ leftovers
It’s more tasty after one night.

In the afternoon I had a flavorful coffee in a private coffee shop. I saw a strawberry cake at the bar but didn’t order it because I wanted to spend relaxing time with wine tonight. It was not a painful decision, I just chose wine and a possibility not to put on weight. Yummy spice chiffon cake, Stollen and some other sweets are still waiting for me at home!

The fun to watch the process of my weight loss and to care eating is more than just passive eating without consciousness. It’s funny.

It’s not a patience but a choice to please myself.

dinner Fri. 26 Dec. 2014
dinner: Sukiyaki stew with beef, potato, burdock, carrot, onion, shiitake, Kon’nyaku, Aburaage,
Miso soup with Daikon & Kon’nyaku,
a bite of rice,
pickled radish,
red wine

cranberry ginger tea
cranberry ginger tea, Fri. 26 Dec. 2014
Then, cranberry ginger tea: a present from a tea lover friend, Lily.

I skip over Stollen to leave a plateau tonight.
Will it work?

I don’t guess so, I feel myself heavy now…

before going to bed: 56.80kg

sun lightsunny, dry and cold day in Tokyo

weight & food, Thu. 25 Dec. 2014


before breakfast: 56.60kg

breakfast Thu. 25 Dec. 2014
breakfast: my daily companions with muesli + a bite of spice chiffon cake
☞ today’s fruits: pare, apple, banana, Ponkan mandarine, strawberry & blueberries

swimming: 80 minutes
Today I’m fine, better than yesterday, can swim faster and have a persistent energy.
Sleeping well free from worrying a matter gives me a good swim and comfort.

after swimming: 56.00kg

lunch Thu. 25 Dec. 2014
lunch: rice, mushroom & Sungiku soup, fried Kon’nyaku ☜ leftovers.
As Kon’nyaku and soup liquid made me full, I left 2 bites of rice.

White rice is always yummy and flavorful. It may be because I don’t eat it everyday or I’m enjoying tasting? Oh! And because it’s a present from my mother’s boyfriend!

dinner Thu. 25 Dec. 2014
dinner: hot pot with chicken tenderloin, daikon, Kon’nyaku, enoki mushroom, water dropwort(Japanese parsley) + Ponzu,
tofu with broccoli sprouts + sesame sauce and

dessert Thu. 25 Dec. 2014
dessert: a slice of Stollen, green tea

before going to bed: 57.05kg

cloudy cloudy and dry in Tokyo

pleasing myself

my desk

My active situation completely depends on the period.
Mainly I’m working with a Macintoch, almost frozen on a Sayl Chair in pink & white with a busy tablet pen in right hand.
In some periods, leaving my computers on my desk, I’m out for visiting posts or researching something with other devices.

But I stay frozen more days.

Furthermore, I don’t like going out, though traveling is my basic behavior.
Shopping, taking a walk without a purpose… No no no.
Please leave me alone in my place.

So if I don’t swim, my body must take a desperate direction, not only getting fat but also growing risk factors of the disease, I would feel life heavier.

I go to a swimming pool almost every day. Till early spring of 2015 I had swum in the morning before working but I changed the schedule looking for more quiet hour.

What is your natural and easy way to enjoy yourself?

What is changing?

I’m working. Fortunately my working time can be controlled mostly by myself. It’s helpful to keep time for swimming and preparing meals.

I’ve prefered to eat at home since the same day of the last month: the first day of weighting myself 2 times a day. I like to eat with happiness because the amount of meals is limited to satisfy myself.
I’m not very passionated about cooking but not very bad at it so it takes just short time for preparation.

The amount of food is less than before, time to prepare including shopping and cooking is the same, the contents and the ways have been changing.

Anyway, as dishes are made with care, taste is much better with more fun!

weight & food, Wed. 24 Dec. 2014


before breakfast: 56.55kg

I woke up earlier than usual having a concern today.

breakfast Wed. 24 Dec. 2014

breakfast: my daily companions with muesli + one bite of spice chiffon cake
☞ today’s fruits: kaki, banana, Ponkan mandarine, strawberry & blueberries

swimming: 75 minutes
I had an unstable breathing. Worrying a matter effects on physical condition.

after swimming: 55.95kg

lunch Wed. 24 Dec. 2014
lunch: Miso stew(leftover) with cod, burdock, shiitake, leek,
rice, Nori, pickled Chinese cabbage & red radish, espresso

Ah! I put in a wrong position. Generally a rice ball is on the left and a soup ball is on the right.

dinner Wed. 24 Dec. 2014
dinner: grilled yellowtail, mushroom & Sungiku soup, fried Kon’nyaku & lotus root with sesame oil, pickled Chinese cabbage

I’m as usual in Christmas Eve, am just with a slice of Stollen.

dessert Wed. 24 Dec. 2014
dessert: Stollen & green tea, the third day with rich cake.

before going to bed: 56.95kg

sun lightcloudybright cloudy in Tokyo

weight & food, Tue. 23 Dec. 2014


before breakfast: 56.50kg

breakfast Tue. 23 Dec. 2014
breakfast: my daily companions with muesli + spice chiffon cake
☞ today’s fruits: kaki, banana, strawberry, blueberries, Ponkan mandarine

after 60 minutes swimming: 56.30kg

Last night the weight got lower than in the morning, so weight loss after swimming is smaller than usual or the slice got added on it…?

lunch Tue. 23 Dec. 2014
lunch: fried Shirataki & cod roe with Nori, pickled red radish, avocado and green tea

dinner Tue. 23 Dec. 2014
Miso stew with cod, burdock, shiitake, Japanese leek,
boiled spinach topped dried tuna flakes with soy sauce + Dashi,
pickled Chinese cabbage,

dessert Tue. 23 Dec. 2014
dessert: a slice of Stollen and green tea

before going to bed: 57.00kg

sun light mild fine national holiday

free from “I have to”

Sometimes I go to a new swimming pool as each pool has its own character depending on the rules, users, location, etc.
One day I thought of trying a swimming pool of a fitness gym.

After swimming, I surveyed(?) myself with a highly specified body analyzer there.
A trainer gave me an advice.

You have less muscle than standard value. I recommend you to have muscle training even if you swim less.

I’ve already known it, it’s true but I felt unhappy to hear it and to think “I have to”.

If I loose my fun and spontaneity to swim and watch weight and food, all actions must disappear soon, I’ll stop caring my condition.

Imperfection is much better than nothing because it’s more potential! 🙂

weight & food, Mon. 22 Dec. 2014


before breakfast: 57.35kg

breakfast Mon. 22 Dec. 2014

breakfast: my daily companions with muesli + spice chiffon cake
☞ today’s fruits: apple, kaki, banana, mandarine Pnkan, strawberry & blueberries

after 80 minutes’ swimming: 56.80kg

I want rice as I haven’t eaten it for a while. But I feel my body slightly heavy so…

lunch Mon. 22 Dec. 2014
lunch: rice, grated daikon(radish), dried young sardines, daikon sprouts, Nori & green tea

I’m ready to enjoy today’s dinner with dessert.

dinner Mon. 22 Dec. 2014
dinner: insalata di mozzarella, pomodorini e sedano(celery), grilled pork fillet with mustard, potato & carrot boiled by soup, white & red wine

I feel almost full. Well, I’ll taste only one thin slice of rich cake.

dessert “Stollen” Mon. 22 Dec. 2014
dessert: Stollen & green tea

before going to bed: 57.25kg
lighter than before breakfast.
Generally the weight after dinner is the heaviest in a day.
Today’s dropping down may be because of previous light arrangement at Lunch expecting Stollen after dinner. 🙂

sun lightmild fine day

Taking and watching meal photos is…

I found a mobile application to record my weight twice a day; before breakfast and going to bed when I started weighting myself.
The app has spaces to add meal pictures. One day has 4 spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking. I tried to post pictures without any special motivation.

It was an unexpected discover!
It’s fun to see successively my meals. I noticed that I was not just seeing the pictures but watching the food I fed my body and it became a chance to ask myself about choosing and eating food.

Am I eating good?
Are they ecological ingredients?
Isn’t it too much?
Is it yummy?
What shall I eat?

I’ve been communicating more with myself by watching my meal photos.
I’m enjoying my own action for myself!

Maybe I think I’d like to appreciate my parents by taking a good care of my body they gave me.
But it’s funny, watching meal photos is an action of appreciation, hahaha.