weight & food, Sun. 21 Dec. 2014


before breakfast: 57.00kg

breakfast Sun. 21 Dec. 2014
breakfast: my daily companions with muesli + spice chiffon cake
☞ today’s fruits: apple, kaki, banana, mandarine mikan, strawberry

swimming: 75 minutes
after swimming: 56.65kg

lunch Sun. 21 Dec. 2014
lunch: Udon noodle bowl with mushrooms cream soup

dinner Sun. 21 Dec. 2014
dinner: sashimi (flatfish & yellowtail) accompanied with avocado + broccoli sprouts, tofu topped Shiso with Ponzu sauce, Miso soup with Syungiku, pickled red radish and white wine

before going to bed: 57.95kg

The result to have got sweets and wine for 2 days appears on the scale.

cloudsun lightmainly cloudy


swimmingI’m not interested in sports. I don’t want to take trouble to load exercise stress on my body.

What shall I do?


My mother forced me to go to swimming lessons every week day through summer holiday when I was an elementary school student. I couldn’t swim. I still clearly remember the feeling when I floated for the first time. Then I got used to go to the lessons, I came to like swimming. But I had no special passion to brush up my skill.

One hot summer day when I was 16 years old, a teacher of the elementary school called me. I started coaching swimming for kids as I was. I mostly supported kids who were scared of water, leaded them to start floating and swimming. Though, of course, I’m a little better at swimming than general people, my skill is not like professional or passionated masters swimmers. I just like to be in water.

Swimming is my only way to exercise spontaneously.
Thank you, Mom for your having forced me to go swimming!

It was really tiring when I got back in a swimming pool last autumn after a long absence. I took rest standing more than swimming at that time. But I like the feeling in water, I know well my body will get used to swimming soon as far as I keep on being in water, so I had no idea to give up coming in water once a week at least.

Once a week… twice a week… every other day… 5 times a week…

November 2014 almost everyday I’m in a swimming pool.
Because I feel good!

weight & food, Sat. 20 Dec. 2014


before breakfast: 57.45kg

breakfast Sat. 20 Dec. 2014
breakfast: café au lait, yogurt topped muesli, fruit salad (apple, kaki, strawberry, mandarine “Ponkan”)

swimming: 55 minutes
after swimming: 56.95kg

lunch Sat. 20 Dec. 2014
lunch: Okara croquette, Hirousu,
leftovers ☞ miso soup added milk with taro, mushroom & kon’nyaku soup, pickled radish,
green tea

dinner Sat. 20 Dec. 2014
dinner: linguine alle vongole e pomodorini, insalata di Mizuna, germi di soia(bean sprouts) e tonno(tuna), vino bianco

spice chiffon cake & green tea
dessert Sat. 20 Dec. 2014
dessert: spice chiffon cake & green tea

before going to bed: 57.70g

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Japanese ingredients and dishes

I like mediterranean cuisine, I’d taken more often italian or french style than Japanese one with lighter ingredients.
But, of course, sashimi, tofu and sake are my favorite.

The first day to weight myself which gave me this opportunity to watch my health was on 25 Nov. 2014.
Checking my weight, I started considering more carefully what I eat.

What shall I eat today?

The ideas come from mostly Japanese authentic home cooking made with Dashi. Dashi is easy to prepare and it has no fat content but is full of Umami. Even if a dish with Dashi contains no oil, it’s tasty. This is the reason why I think of Japan-based construction(?) for each lunch and dinner.

And I want Kon’nyaku and Shirataki. These years I see Shirataki in restaurants and cafes in Europe where we can enjoy healthy dishes. It’s used in an original western style, as noodles. I added this idea to my recipe.

On my blog, I use original words as I’m not happy to call our food “devil’s tongue”…

Here are some tips for Japanese food.
Enjoy food and Japanese twists!

weight & food, Fri. 19 Dec. 2014


breakfast Fri. 19 Dec. 2014
before breakfast: 58.25kg

breakfast: café au lait, yogurt topped cereals, fruit salad (apple, kaki, mandarine mikan, strawberry) and crème caramel japonais

swimming: 80 minutes

after swimming: 57.60kg

lunch Fri. 19 Dec. 2014
lunch: boiled broccoli & carrot with yogurt mayonnaise sauce + Japanese chili pepper, Okara croquette, green tea.

dinner Fri. 19 Dec. 2014
dinner: tofu & avocado salad with broccoli sprouts, mushroom & kon’nyaku soup with Nori, grilled yellowtail

before going to bed: 58.35kg

I guess the weight will be less than these day’s standard tomorrow morning.

sun lightfine day

weight & food, Thu. 18 Dec. 2014


before breakfast: 58.2kg

breakfast Thu. 18 Dec. 2014
I thought I ate a little more than these weeks’ standard yesterday, the weight tells so, too.

Café au lait, unsweetened yogurt topped cereals, fruit salad (apple, kaki, mandarin mikan, strawberry) without neither bread nor cakes

swimming: 70 minutes.

after swimming: 57.45kg

lunch Thu. Dec. 2014
lunch: beef and pumpkin stew, grilled shiitake and green tea

dinner Thu. 18 Dec. 2014
dinner: grilled salmon,
miso soup added milk with taro, Mizuna, Japanese leek, Aburaage,
fried Shirataki and cod roe,
pickled sliced radishes and
and later green tea

before going to bed: 58.65kg

sun lightfine and windy day